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Community Groups

Community Groups create a more intentional context to grow in maturity as we pursue Christ together. If you would like to join, select up to three options from the list below and insert the letter corresponding to your preferences:

Undergraduate Women

  • A - Monday at 6:00PM
  • B - Monday at 6:30PM
  • C - Monday at 6:30PM (freshmen)
  • D - Monday at 7:00PM
  • E - Tuesday at 6:00PM
  • F - Tuesday at 7:00PM
  • G - Tuesday at 7:30PM
  • H - Tuesday at 8:00PM
  • I - Wednesday at 6:00PM
  • J - Wednesday at 7:00PM
  • K - Wednesday at 7:30PM

Undergraduate Men

  • L - Monday at 7:00PM
  • M - Monday at 7:30PM
  • N - Tuesday at 7:00PM
  • O - Tuesday at 7:30PM
  • P - Wednesday at 6:30PM
  • Q - Wednesday at 7:30PM

Volunteer Opportunities

Check the boxes below if you're interested in any of the following opportunities.

Opportunities for Young Professionals and Married Couples

If you're a young professional (working, non-traditional undergrad, grad student, or married), would you be interested in a monthly gathering?

If you're married, would you be interested in a monthly gathering with other couples?